- Enter Activation Code, have you ever heard about it? If yes, then good, and if no then let's see. Amazon launched the prime video for the entertainment of the customers joining Amazon membership. Get an Amazon Prime subscription or membership and get free delivery on the purchase of any product on Amazon. Enjoy the live streaming of your chosen channels and tv shows. No other application is better than Amazon mytv prime video for video streaming.

Downloading the favourite movies by using Amazon myTV code. The quality provided is HD quality type f videos. What about the sound quality of prime videos? Actually prime video sound quality of videos is very nice. The best feature is that you can enjoy thousands of movies and thousands of videos on Amazon prime. Amazon firstly provides a free trial of 14 days and then asks you to join the payment details.

How to get Amazon mytv activation code?

The process to create an account on Amazon is very simple. Follow the steps below;

  1. The procedure is very easy, what you have to do is open any of the browsers you have.
  2. Then in that browser enter or amazon. in and go for it.
  3. After that open the official website of Amazon visible there.
  4. Now when you enter the official website go for the sign-in page on Amazon official site.
  5. If you already have an account then sign in to your account.
  6. For fresh users below the sign-in option, there is create a new account. Click on it.
  7. Then type your name, email address, or mobile number and password.
  8. After that submit the application form. Then for verification of the account, you will receive a mail on your email address.
  9. Open the link in the mail and verify your account. The amazon account is created.

with application

  1. To get things easier instead of browsing the amazon activation code and prime link download the application of Amazon prime video on your device.
  2. Then go into Google Play Store and Install the application of Amazon prime video.
  3. Once you install the application open the application.
  4. Then the sign-in page will appear, you have already created an account.
  5. Now just enter your email ID and password. Now click on a sign-in option below.
  6. You are successfully signed in with your Amazon Prime account too.
  7. This gets easier than the link. But still, you want to go through the link then just go to the official website of Amazon and sign in.

Want a free trial on prime video?

If yes then follow the steps given below;

  • Now you have the application of Amazon mytv activation code installed on your device.
  • Open the application and click on any of the shows shown on the application.
  • Then you will see packages for buying.
  • After that, there is a free trial option. Click on the free trial.
  • Then after that Enter your name, again your email ID, then the password.
  • After that click on Get free trial of 14 days.
  • The free trial is on.

What is the use of the Amazon myTV Activation code?

The activation code is used to connect the device i.e TV to your amazon prime video Account.

It can also be the link between them and which is of 6 digits. The process is very easy and given below;

  1. First, join the TV and the prime device by the HDMI cable or directly attach to the TV.
  2. Now switch on the devices. When you switch on the device take the remote in your hands.
  3. Then select the language and after that select the WiFi network and connect it.
  4. Then the code is displayed on tv. In the application click on the connected device.
  5. There enter the code and the device and account are connected to